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Mansion Street Literary Mgmt


We are so thrilled to tell you that Paul Thurlby’s book, ALPHABET, has won the prestigious BOLOGNARAGAZZI OPERA PRIMA AWARD. 

We couldn’t be more proud, thrilled, excited and…

:::pops champagne:::. 

Here’s what the jury said about the book:

“With Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet, the author takes us back to the ABC books that were part of our childhood. First on account of the paper, finely squared, all the letters we read and write carefully framed within their confines. More especially, Thurlby – storyteller, collector and demiurge – invites us into his own alphabet world. He welcomes us into this typographical realm where whale meets owl and space is comfortably enclosed in a trapeze. This phantasmagoric universe is the real stuff of children’s dreams. It explains how, when they first learn the alphabet, children set off on a voyage into its secrets. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes, Thurlby knows that without those tiny squared sheets we risk not seeing life’s traffic lights.”